EmPOWERING The Oil & Gas Sector

AA Horizon is a reputable supplier of generators in Ghana’s oil and gas sector. We are serve esteemed organizations like Zen Petroleum, Star Oil, Goil, Reliance Oil, Petrosol, ENI, and Alinco Oil. We understand the crucial role generators play in powering their operations, and we are dedicated to providing them with reliable and efficient energy solutions.


Our Fuel Station clients rely on us for their generator needs, and we are honored to supply them with high-quality equipment. Our generators are designed to excel in performance, durability, and fuel efficiency, enabling them Petroleum to maintain uninterrupted operations across their extensive network of fuel stations and depots.


These companies understand the importance of a reliable power supply, especially for their drilling rigs, pumping stations, and other essential equipment. We supply them with generators that meet their stringent requirements and contribute to the smooth operation of their businesses.


At AA Horizon, we go beyond just supplying generators. We also offer comprehensive after-sales support and maintenance services. Our highly skilled technicians ensure quick response times and efficient resolution of any issues that may arise. We strive to minimize downtime and maximize productivity for our valued clients in the oil and gas sector.


It is our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality generators and exceptional customer service that has earned the trust and confidence of Zen Petroleum, Star Oil, Goil, Reliance Oil, Petrosol, ENI, and Alinco Oil amonth others. We are honored to contribute to the growth and development of Ghana’s oil and gas industry by providing reliable power solutions to these esteemed companies.