Used CAT 2 Mega available for Rental or Sale

AA Horizon is pleased to offer the availability of a used CAT 2 Mega generator for both rental and sale. As a trusted provider of power solutions, we understand the diverse needs of our clients, and the CAT 2 Mega is an excellent choice for those requiring a reliable and powerful generator.


The CAT 2 Mega generator is a robust and high-performance unit known for its durability and efficiency. With a power output of 2 megawatts, it is capable of meeting the demands of large-scale operations, construction sites, industrial facilities, and other applications requiring substantial power supply.


For clients in need of temporary power solutions, our rental option provides a flexible and cost-effective solution. Whether it’s for planned maintenance, emergency backup, or special events, renting the CAT 2 Mega allows businesses to access the power they require without the long-term commitment of ownership. Our rental packages are designed to accommodate various durations, ensuring that clients have the generator for as long as needed.


Additionally, for clients seeking a more permanent power solution, the CAT 2 Mega is also available for sale. Owning this generator gives businesses the advantage of having a dedicated power source readily available on-site, eliminating the need for repeated rentals. The CAT 2 Mega’s reliability and efficiency make it an excellent long-term investment for those with consistent power requirements.


At AA Horizon, we prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that all our used generators, including the CAT 2 Mega, undergo rigorous inspections and maintenance to guarantee their excellent condition and performance. Our experienced technicians are available to provide guidance, installation, and ongoing support to maximize the generator’s efficiency and reliability.